Home Warranty Insurance
The application you are about to commence must be completed in full. Your response will not automatically save if you close your internet browser and you cannot save and return to the form.

Therefore, please only commence your application once you have easy access to all of the details necessary to submit your application as well as the documents you will need to upload.

Depending on the type of application, this may include:
  • Your current builder classification rating as determined by the Insurer during your eligibility assessment.
  • Your builder details including licence number and expiry date, and your ABN.
  • Interested Party (Homeowner) details including contact details, ABN if applicable, and whether they are entitled to claim an Input Tax Credit if applicable.
  • Contract details including project dates and contract price/s. NSW applicants will also need to know their HBCF Premium (https://www.hiainsurance.com.au/forms/home-warranty-forms).
  • Detailed information relating to the Site and Project (which may include detail of construction type, features, services included, trades involved, etc).
  • Details of permit authorities and/or architects/designers.
  • Funding and/or Financier details.
  • Claim number if applicable.

You will be required to upload files as part of your application. Please note, there is a 20MB file upload limit. Please ensure all attachments have been resized to accommodate this maximum limit. Depending on the type of application, documents to upload may include:
  • The building contract.
  • Evidence of ownership.
  • Financier terms and conditions or evidence of available funds if fully or partially self-funded.
  • A copy of the Development Application (DA)/CDC Approval and architectural plans.

Please contact your broker in advance of commencing this application if you are unsure of the details you will require for your particular application – 1800 762 878.

Note. For NSW applications, icare requires that this form be completed by an authorised officer (i.e. a company director, company secretary, or a person involved in making decisions that affect at least a substantial part of a business or has the capacity to affect the business's financial standing).
Project Location
Contract Type
Does this building project involve construction of more than three storeys?
Please contact your broker to discuss this application request
Is this project a New Rooftop or Basement Swimming Pool in a class 2 building ?
Note: If you answer Yes to this question, New pools intended to be located within a Class 2 or mixed use building are not covered by the H05 Swimming Pools category. Please change your selection to H02: Building Work to an Existing Residential Apartment Building.
Does this project involve construction of four or more dwellings?
Are there any common works (includes adjoining walls, communal driveways, construction of common access roads or common utility points)?
Will all properties be owned by the same entity (whether a company or an individual)?
Is the construction on one lot/title?
Mandatory Questions must be completed before proceeding