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As your business evolves, so do your potential risks and insurance requirements. With the constant changes within the residential construction industry, be it the rising cost of materials, material shortages, labour shortages, and other changing conditions, having the right coverage to help protect your business is important. As an HIA member, we want to offer your business a free general insurance “health check”, this offer is only available for HIA members. The insurance health check excludes reviewing your Home Warranty Insurance portfolio (this review is only for general insurance). Let’s take a look at why you should consider an insurance health check.

What is an insurance “Health Check”?

An insurance health check is where a broker reviews your business’s current general insurance coverage, and industry risks to evaluate what other insurance cover could help you manage your business risk. Your broker can also discuss newly emerging risks in your industry, for example, cyber attacks, and what these risks can mean for your business.

Why should I regularly review my insurance portfolio?

As businesses change over time, having the best coverage possible for your business now and looking forward to the future is valuable, and this is where an insurance health check can play an important role.

How can a broker help me?

A broker can help simplify the process of reviewing your current coverage by breaking down your current cover and identifying industry risks you may not have considered before. A broker can provide market insights such as existing and emerging risks, regulatory changes, and claims examples to help explain the coverage of policies. A broker can also look at providing alternative terms, or help you explore different products to provide coverage for your business’s current and future risks.

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